Contact us for an in-depth tour of Havana, Cuba under the guidance of Innovative Immersions® founder Mike Cloonan, who has toured our Caribbean neighbor several times, while producing the travelogue documentary "An American in Cuba".  
Our tours are specifically designed for American citizens and provides numerous, scheduled encounters with the Cuban people to learn about their lives and the changing relationship between our two countries.
  See where Hemingway was inspired to write some of his best known novels.
  Learn about agricultural practices and the production of the finest tobacco products in the world.
  Discover Old Havana and what this UNESCO World Heritage Site is doing, with international assistance, to preserve its rapidly decaying baroque and neoclassical architecture .
​  As the US and Cuba rediscover and redefine their relationship, we will learn directly from those on the ground what this may mean for both countries.
Our trips are operated under required OFAC regulations and led by Michael Cloonan, a U.S. citizen subject to U.S. jurisdiction and owner of an IATAN accredited U.S.-based travel agency.  The group has a full-time schedule of educational activities and records of the travelers and activities are maintained by Innovative Immersions®. 

Watch "An American In Cuba," our entertaining travelogue on the history of US-Cuban relations that follows Mike Cloonan as he travels around the island. 



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